Sailing Around Langkawi - Part 2....Batman Fishing Boats

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 15 Jun 2015 06:32

There certainly is a difference between the two Malay fishing boats we met and the Thai boats that fish right off Langkawi Island.

We counted twelve Thai fishing boats in the same area, they must have found a large school of fish.

I am always fascinated by these boats, I call them the Batman Boats, we have never been around a large number of them all at once so I was able to get some shots up close and personal

It takes a lot of helpers to haul this big net in.

They do this all day long every day, you have to compliment them for doing a hard job rain or shine living on this boat, not earning a lot of money.  Being a fisherman is not an easy job.

This is what the nets look like after they have been hauled in and stowed neatly until the next time they are let out.

This boat was letting their nets out.

I wonder how many of these guys slip on the nets and fall into the water?

I’ll bet they are saying once this is full we have to bring it back in again!

The sea gulls follow the boats looking for scraps from the nets


We passed Pulau Singa Besar and it looks like a pretty good place to anchor for an extended time; we will likely come back here soon.

But for now, back to Telaga.