Now 50 miles off coast of Columbia

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 26 Jan 2010 19:58

12 57.7 N  072 31.6 W

All is well as we close with the coast of Columbia; now within 50 nm of the coast; 500 nm from Bogata and 450 nm from Medellin. There is no history of off-shore pirate activity that we are aware of so no concerns unless we were in close to shore where you begin to encounter the fringes of the notorious crime underworld and we don’t want to have some opportunists see us as an easy target. We are presently going to be close by the entrance to Cartagena in the dark hours of tomorrow night, Wednesday,  Jan 27th which means we will have to find a way to slow down a lot to delay that arrival until after daybreak on the 28th  IF    we actually decide to enter. Currently the crew is more interested in continuing on to the beauty and cultural experiences of the Kuna Indians in the San Blas Islands. We are hoping to get some intelligence from cruising friends regarding their recent experiences there and we will use that information to make up our minds one way or the other. The course onward to the San Blas Islands takes the same route in the meantime so easy to leave options open.


Sailing has continued to be relatively easy; no change in sail plan or tack all the way so far; we reduced sail area to the first reef point not long after switching off the motor on Sunday and that sail area has been appropriate all the way.  Makes for very easy time as far as boat handling for all of us, and knock on wood, nothing has gone wrong with equipment, technology, etc while enroute thus far which is a terrific bonus compared to some of our passages. All the preventative maintenance carried out in the Virgins this winter is paying off big time!!.


Have been successful in checking in regularly  with the Maritime Mobile Services Net at 14300 khz on the Amateur Radio Band; great to know that that resource is ready to help via a radio call.


DTG to Cartagena 246 NM (if we go there…that will remain a question until we get closer)

DTG to Puerto Escoses,Eastern San Blas Islands 396 NM