Caribbean Winter coming to a close....a few tears about to flow!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 1 May 2009 20:52

17 0161 47 W

A most enjoyable Caribbean winter has long ended and spring is well underway as the shower/rain activity picks up a little. We are beginning the countdown to our Northbound passage to Bermuda the end of this month of May as we chase the summer sun to the USA northeast and the Canadian Maritimes. Our last cruising destinations are planned to be Antigua > Barbuda > Nevis > Statia > St Maartens….where we will provision and otherwise prepare for the 6 day passage to Bermuda when the right weather window presents itself.


Since our last update, we took in some great diving sites and wonderful anchorages from within the myriad of choices in the British Virgin Islands….we think we could have just stayed there indefinitely…so many lovely beaches and over 60 dive sites!   But, plans called for us to get back to the SouthEast to Antigua for the Oyster Regatta in mid-April. A terrific time was had by all 6 of the race crew on-board….and Sea Mist performed very well!  After we blew a clew on the headsail ¾ of the way through the first race…which knocked us out of that race and Race 2 later the same day…..we effected sail repairs quickly that afternoon at the sail loft in Nelson’s Dockyard and were back in the hunt the following morning. Over the 3 remaining races, we placed 2nd in our class in tow fo the races and came in first in the final race. VERY EXCITING…VERY COMPETITIVE….perhaps a bit too much as an Oyster 72 T-Boned an Oyster 53 causing several hundred thousand dollars in Race 1; another Oyster 72 went aground on a reef at a turning point in Race 2 with diabling damage to its propeller shaft, prop etc; an Oyster 54 went agound briefly on the same reef with minor underwater damage; some broken arms, serious rope burns and a fair number of of equipment breakages like Sea Mist with a clew and others with failed sheets, clews, etc. Definitely demanding racing and not for the weak of heart.


Looking forward to a summer in the Northeast……hopefully without too much fog!


Will check in again before the Bermuda passage.