Driving Around Langkawi - Part 1

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 6 Jul 2015 07:00

Around Langkawi in the Morning

We have always been very task oriented, get boat supplies, groceries, etc. but every now and again we do a little bit of touring around Langkawi.  We saw many places as we were sailing around Langkawi Island that we thought would be fun to see by land. 

Our first stop was quite a large fishing village, I took a photo of one of the boats tied up to the dock, and didn’t notice until I put the photo on my computer, that it was a  Thai Fishing Boat!


During the monsoon season it must get pretty noisy inside their homes, tin roofs – rain.

We passed a number of very young boys on motor bikes, this guy can’t be more than eleven.  They

use the highway to get from one village to the next.


The people were very friendly and enjoyed watching these two crazy tourists trying to back their car around on a very narrow road, they all came out of their homes to watch.


We left the fishing village and took a left onto a dirt road, you never know what you will find.