On the move again.....one has to depart from even a great place in this life..now to find the next one!!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 18 Aug 2012 00:45

08 09.5 S 123 06.7 E

Underway since 6:30 this morning; we were just commenting on how “dry” the  “dry season” is in this part of the world. The last time that we experienced any precipitation at all was June 3rd when we were in Townsville/Magnetic Island.  Every day is blue sky sun and every night is starry skies with variations on the moon over each month.


We continued to enjoy sundowners every afternoon/evening at Kroko and everyday snorkeling did not become boring……we arrived last Sunday at 9 am and so spent 6 days….,most enjoyable!!  We were down to only 6 boats in the anchorage last night…from 13 the night before…one new arrival and the rest headed west yesterday morn.  This morning 5 of us left together…sort of a parade…..had a bit of sailable wind and then motoring…now going back to sail.


CYL….the seamisters