Photos - Lombok Island/Medana Bay...and Gili Island

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 4 Oct 2012 05:39

Lombok Island

Lombok is part of the Nusa Tenggara curve of islands that we have just enjoyed over the last month.  Lombok just doesn’t get its popularity because of Bali and the Gili Islands; but also Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest volcano, rivers and waterfalls run down the fissured slopes to water the farmland and crops.  Lombok produces cashews, coffee, rice and tobacco, and curling along the beaches are restaurants and resorts, cushioned amongst the fishing villages.  We arrived to very heavy swells pushing into the bay where the Marina was and where all of our activities would take place, so we went around the point to the next bay and there we stayed for two days enjoying the calm waters.

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This were a lot of fishing boats on the beach,   the village was back in the trees.


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I’m always fascinated by sunsets and sunrises.




We went for lunch at the Eco Resort, owned and operated by, whoops forget their names, he is from France and she is from Sweden, great food, we all had a wonderful time.  There was a big group of us,  The Doctor, Silver Girl, Fay Away, Imagine and Sea Mist, getting caught up and talking about our next adventures.


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Nice to meet people who are making their dreams come true.  We walked back through the village to the Marina, instead of the beach.


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This is the village on the way to the Marina.

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The Marmalade Cat

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And lastly, Nia, the friendliest little girl, she welcomes everyone going back to the Marina.  That night the marina had a Blues Evening using local talent and they were exceptional, we all enjoyed the music and dancing.











Gili Air

The first thing you notice as you come around the point are all the colourful boats, sand beaches and resorts, instead of fishing boats and villages.  We decided that not only would we get some exercise walking along the sandy road, but we would enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the resort’s restaurants at the end of the sandy road. The food was great and the company outstanding, today for lunch we were with, Imagine, Renegade, Island Sonata, Australis and Sea Mist.


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There was a tree growing in the middle of our restaurant, called The Chill Out Bar and ...


Description: C:\Users\Cheryl\Desktop\Indonesia\Lombok\Airlie Island\IMG_0018.JPGThe Chill Out Kitty!


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This is where John ate 5 or 6 ice cream cones at Scallywags; in fact the ice cream person was on a first name basis with John!


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What a great description for their steaks.


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This is a very little house, one room only and they painted the plywood window and door, to look like a window and door.  The deck was almost as big as the house.

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There are boats all along the beach, they are used as taxis, and they bring in all of the supplies necessary to take care of the tourists.


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These bags were being unloaded off the boats.  The boats move back and forth across the bay, all you see is movement and it is not the water.