Location Report - Cid Harbour

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 30 May 2012 10:27

20 15.720 S   148 56.451 E


What can we say…..”another rainy day”!!


This is just not our year to enjoy the Whitsundays: with only one day of sunshine in the past weeks, the water temperature is now down to 23 C (74 F) and all those winds and strong seas have churned things up so much, that snorkeling/swimming/diving are out of the realm of attractive possibilities.


We have now made up our minds….we are going to get moving to Darwin and accept that we will not experience Australia’s best sailing destination…..I guess I shouldn’t quite say it like that….THE WIND IS HERE AND HAS BEEN HERE EVERY DAY!!!!....but the attractive dimensions of enjoying cruising just are not present.


Next we will post our itinerary from Whitsundays to Darwin for arrival in early July….and into Australia’s Northern Territories with its characteristic pleasant winter weather of warm days under clear blue skies….

……..our hopes and expectations>>  stay tuned!