Photos: Pink Jelly Fish of Thailand

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 27 Feb 2014 01:16

Under the Sea

I was just swimming around the boat hoping to see some fish, but it was too cloudy, then all of a sudden these pink barrel jelly fish appeared, not all at once thank goodness.

The way the sunlight shone through the water made them look like they had an internal light.






We swam out to a rock outcrop to see if we could find some coral and fish…just birds.


A couple of days later we swam to the rock outcrop on the other side…



One night we were eating at Mr. Gao’s restaurant and spied a little gecko on the wall.

He had fuchsia coloured eyes, you never notice the colour of their eyes until you see them through the camera, plus you can never get very close to them before the skitter away.