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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 2 May 2013 09:49

The next day we all went on motor bikes to go into the mountains and tour around some other villages. 


Our first stop was a typical market for the locals.


This was not a tourist style market; the people came from quite far away to buy groceries, clothes, hardware stuff, nets, etc.



It is very difficult to get your head around some of the foods they have; we have not been brought up on some of their delicacies, and I won’t even mention one of their delicacies.



Fishing nets and the smaller ones are for catching birds.

They sell fresh meat, not refrigerated; we asked how long it could stay out in the heat before it went off, about 8 hours.  I took this photo as the whole time we were at the market she was asleep.  I guess they get up around 4am and take care of business, so they can sell their meat and other products starting around 5:30am.  Thank goodness for the roosters to let them know what time it is!!!

We were in the dry season for sure, the river was very low.

A lonely dugout, the water doesn’t move or else the owner of this little craft would lose it down the river.

We visited a cemetary, very colourful, they also have photos of the deceased so you can remember them.



Back to the lowlands.




The small roads along the villages are made of concrete, very unusual as the main roads are made out of asphalt pitted with holes.


Back to our local village.

Laundry or something?


The ducks were having a great time in the rice fields.  Peking duck on the menu tomorrow.

A very handsome water buffalo.



This waterway provided water to the rice fields around us.

A new home being built, the woodwork was really quite something.


This is some of the local handicrafts.  I love the bright colours.

The lady who sold this tried to explain the meaning of the patterns, but we couldn’t really understand what she was saying.



We thoroughly enjoyed our home stay in Mai Chau; we would highly recommend this as a stopping place whilst touring Vietnam.