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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 12 Feb 2010 13:39

09 35.18 N 078 52.919 W

We arrived in Porvenir to check –in and check-out of the Kuna Yalas.  The island has the Immigration and Customs office, a hotel, restaurant, small grocery store and the police and postoffice.  The cruise ships come in here and they are bigger than the island.  The village is across the way – this is just a simple way to get through Immigration and they have small planes to fly people to Panama City.  We left Porvenir for Chichime Cays to stay for a day or two before we make our way up to Shelter Bay, it is about 69 miles away.  Then we provision, get Sea Mist ready for the first part of our Pacific Adventure, the Panama Canal.  Whilst sitting in the bay the Kunas arrive in their Ulus to sell us Molas, Lisa the infamous transvestite arrived, she/he is a master mola maker, so I bought two more Molas, really well done and great colours.  She/he is from Rio Sidras, it takes them about an hour to return home.  The reason we all know about Lisa is she is featured in our Panama Cruising Guide.  The water is very shallow, great for swimming and being able to see what might be coming at you, lots of reefs so shouldn’t be a problem.  Tomorrow we set off for Shelter Bay.



DTG to the Panama Canal entrance at Colon: 69 nm