Still in update...

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 15 Oct 2009 15:09

38 59 N  76 29 W


Just a short update to say that we are still in Annapolis; it has worked out well for us to complete our medical check-ups (hard to arrange in this life!!...but great relief to get all good results), handled boat stuff easily since all the builders and equipment manufacturers were at the Annapolis Boat Show, connected with other Oyster Owners during Oyster’s great Owner’s Party, met up with other long term sailing friends and toured Washington and the region with them, and just enjoyed perfect weather……>>until yesterday…when the misearable stuff started with rain, wind, cold temps (dropped suddenly from daytime 70 degrees F and above to 50 F…..time to move on South in our search for warmer climate.


Our current plan is to depart Annapolis on Tuesday, Oct 20th and move on to Tall Timbers, MD to visit with relatives for awhile…..75 nm southwards down the Chesapeake. Still expect to depart Norfolk about the 7 – 10 November for the 1400 nm run to the Caribbean with the likely destination being St. Thomas