All is well with us in New Zealand

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 24 Feb 2011 21:29
A number of friends have been inquiring about us and our whereabouts since
the earthquake in Christchurch. We just wanted to report in and say that all
is well.

We have been based at Whangarei on the North Island some 150 km north of
Auckland. Our travels so far have been confined to the North Island so we
were not exposed to the Christchurch tragic earthquake this week.

We do have a number of sailing friends who are presently touring the South
Island but, from the reports that we have received, all of them are safe
including one couple who were in central Christchurch at the time of the

Nothing more to report at this time; we continue to enjoy NZ very much and
are now starting to see our time here wind down as we will have to depart by
early May.....bound then for Fiji.

We wish everyone well and will update this blog if anything unusual comes