FAST PASSAGE !!...indeed > Very Fast!!

Sea Mist > Sold to New Owners July 2016
John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 20 Aug 2011 01:29
19 29.8 S 171 54.7 E

A short update: in our last blog entry, we said that we hoped to get to our
destination before end of day on Sunday as we did not want to be entering a
strange place in the dark; well the issue of "darkness" remains the same,
but now it is at the earlier end of Sunday. We have had to begin to take
steps to slow Sea Mist down a little so that we can enter the harbour at
Anelghowhat after daylight. Although fast, the sailing has been really
quite comfortable in terms of passage making....and the moonlight nights and
blue sky days add to the overall positive experience.

We are catching up to another boat whom we know...El Regado; they were
moored just 2 boats over from us in Whangarei, NZ...but we have not seen
them since...easy to get lost or separated in the Fijian Islands. Anyway,
with Leu Cat and Sea Mist having never been out of eyesight of each other
the whole distance so far, we have now a third set of friends joining our
sort of "mini rally" and look forward to mixing it up with each other when
we get in on Sunday.

No marine life to entertain us on this we miss all of that
action that has often been present in the Pacific.

We have been eating lots of fresh papayas, pineapples and bananas...they are
just unbelievably sweet and excellent in this part of the world....we just
don't want to have them taken from us when the authorities check us in and
inspect the boat on arrival in we are gorging now. If we were
back in North America, we would be enjoying berries >> I expect blueberries
should be coming along well,...and strawberries, raspberries would now have
passed I suppose....really miss those berries, BIG TIME!!...not something
you can experience in these tropical places...but the fruit that is
available is superb!.

We don't expect to have much chance to find internet in Vanuatu...our
friends who have been there for some time, tell us it is only available on 2
islands...located some 200 nm north west of where we will begin our
exploration....>> please excuse our tardiness in getting around to
sharing our experiences.

Distance to go to Anelghowhat, Vanuatu: 132 nm