Photos: New Year's Eve at Patong Beach - Part 2

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 2 Jan 2015 10:10


This is the alleyway our bar was situated in.

Our playtime, we try to hit the nail with a narrow ended hammer. You only have one try.  The women ruled.

The men were very keen, Steve, Frank and Peter, where is John?

They were selling hundreds of cans of Colored Straws in a can, our group had two only.

Evelyn got John, I thought it was really funny…so I sprayed Evelyn!

John sprayed me, I wasn’t expecting that.


Time to go to the beach for the fireworks and fire lanterns.  John was in the lead, like a linebacker, but the crowds of people were crushing and then you had continuous lines of people yelling and spraying similar to a Conga Line…they were very successful getting through the crowds of people.

There were hundreds of thousands of people on the streets moving towards the bars or the beach. 

We finally reached the intersection that would get us back to the beach. The cars - well every vehicle you can think of - were trapped by the hordes of people making their way to the beach or more bars. I don’t know how long they had to sit there as this huge mass of people were ignoring the lights and really could push a vehicle off to the side if they so desired!

I only had my point and shoot camera - too bad as I really wanted to get some shots of the Fire Lanterns, but, we still have Chinese New Year!!!


The camera couldn’t seem to get the Fire Lanterns, just turned into water spots, you can see the Costa ship in the distance, waiting for its chic’s to come home, oh good luck, and that is why they didn’t leave until January 2nd.

More fireworks

I think this one looks like New Year’s Eve.

I have no idea what the camera was trying to do!

I called this the Palm Tree Fire Work, what a great finish.

Happy New Year to all of our family and friends

Cheers, John and Cheryl