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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 2 Apr 2013 06:11

We are now into April....how time flies....26 days since we left our home at
Rebak Marina.
This morning we travelled by bus from Hoi An to the Da Nang airport here in
Vietnam and have to wait about 5 hours for our flight to Hanoi where we will
be for the next week (including 2 days/1 night cruising Halong Bay). We
don't yet have our plans sorted out beyond our time in Hanoi; we may go
directly back "home".....or we may take in a bit more of the northern part
of Vietnam. The continuous hot temps and humidity in the low-lands are
getting to us and seem to be successfully persuading us to return home for
the comforts there.....we'll see over the next couple of days what seems
most attractive amongst the options.

The highlight of Vietnam so far has been Dalat.....a city up in the
mountains of the country's Central Highlands...what made it particularly
great for us was the cooler temps at 1500 meters above sea level. Dalat is a
small city of only 260,000 people but it attracts over 4 million tourists
annually....Vietnam's "Honeymoon Capital".
The tourists are 80% domestic from Vietnam's 80 million population and the
remaining 20% of international tourists are made up largely of Russians,
Japanese, Australians and from China/HongKong. There were quite a number of
interesting attractions to take in there...great waterfalls, a gorge/canyon
self-controlled roller coaster ride and a magnificent temple and it's
associated, spectacularly beautiful,
landscaped/flower-bedded grounds.....we intend to post some photo blog
entries once we get back to Sea Mist and then have the supporting technology
that has not been accessible to us on this trip....as we only brought our
iPad, rather than a laptop as needed for loading photos to our blog.
In Hoi An we had a nice surprise; purely by coincidence, our nephew, Martin,
and his fiancé, Lindsay (and Lindsay's parents from the Ottawa area in
Canada) were on holiday there at the same time so we had a nice time getting
acquainted with the soon-to-be, new, extended family! Martin and Lindsay are
international teachers for some years now...presently teaching in Macau, a
neighbouring island to Hong Kong.

We need to sign off now.
Wishing everyone all the best for you in your worlds.
Cheers, the roaming crew of Sea Mist....John & Cheryl