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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 26 Feb 2014 01:04

07 53.46 N  098 18.17 E


Good Bye To Nai Yang

We went for a walk along the beach, our last night walk until we sail up here next year.  We had seen this deserted resort complex and we had been told that it was destroyed by the tsunami only the building was too high for a tsunami and there was no evidence of major water damage.

The Enigma

We talked to a couple of locals and they told us that Peninsula Hotels in partnership with a Thai group started to build the hotel but did not have the proper land use permits/permission for the size/height of the structures…… so they were forced to halt the construction and had to walk away from the complex and this happened about ten years ago.  

Enigma solved.



The next morning before sunrise and we are ready to sail away.

The moon was still on watch awaiting the sunrise.




Our last look at the long-tails waiting for the tourists wanting to see the island and go out snorkeling.  Everything is so quiet and peaceful just before sunrise.


The sun was rising and I thought it might be a very spectacular sunrise only the clouds drifted in and took away my photo moment.


Still a bit of a chance for a glorious red sky...not.  We did meet another Canadian on our walk last night who has lived here for ten years.  He and a friend were flying radio controlled aircraft and doing a very good job of it.  It is always interesting hearing about Canadians who have chosen to live in South East Asia.   They have so much local knowledge that it is important to talk to them if you are planning to visit Thailand again.

Gone, gone and gone, time to lift the anchor and sail off to Au Chalong with or without the sunrise. 


The islands and beaches we have visited have been awesome and we are looking forward to visiting Thailand again next year.  Right now we have to get up to Yacht Haven so John can fly off to Melbourne this weekend to take care of his preliminary work before the brachytherapy implantation in April.