Yasur - perhaps the world's most accessible volcano....wondrous experience!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 30 Aug 2011 09:45
We just arrived back from our adventure to the volcano; we went over the
roughest "road" in the world by Toyota 4x4....a very rough ride! The women
got to ride inside the crew cab of the Toyota pick-up truck and the men sat
on planks in the back cargo bed of the pick-up. We got to the base of the
volcano just after 4 pm and then climbed a couple of hundred meters to the
rim....and we remained there until it was pitch black as we headed back down
at 6:30 to meet our return ride back to the anchorage at Port Resolution.

By the time all the tourists had arrived, we numbered close to 70 of us
gathered at the rim of the volcano; I don't really think it is possible to
share the experience through words...maybe the photos and videos/sound
effects won't even do it justice......you just have to be there in person to
appreciate the power and might as the explosive eruptions carry on in close
successive bursts. I think the sound and concussion from the explosions are
perhaps the most striking....certainly before dark...but when that sun
disappears from the sky and the magnitude of the light shows with each
eruptive blast....that is when the word "awesome" is just too understated
for what one sees and takes in with all senses....sound, visuals,
smells/tastes (sulphur), ground/body shaking, etc.

Anyway, we will share some photos when we get to an internet connection
someday in the future....in the meantime, please take our word for
it....this is one that will be stored securely in the old memory banks for
our lifetimes.

Cheers to all.....John and Cheryl