Driving Around Langkawi - Part 2 A visit with water buffalo enjoying a mud hole

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 6 Jul 2015 08:13

We came upon oxen and men in the muddy water, they had ropes going in different directions and

each one would either pull or move the ropes???

This big guy stood alone and never paid attention to the men or ropes and when he wanted to lie down he did and interestingly enough the men never bothered him, sometimes size does make a difference.

All of a sudden they pulled on some of the ropes and the oxen took off running across the field and up onto the road

They can really move fast when they need to.

Their ears go back and they make snuffling noises when they are running.

These three were turned back while the rest moseyed on down the road.  We really were perplexed until a fellow on a motor bike explained that this field is never filled with water, the oxen from different owners around these fields found it and were quietly enjoying their afternoon swim.  They were trying to separate the oxen to send them back to their respective fields.

These guys are now on their way home.

This little guy kept on crying, I think his Mommy was with the group walking down the road.

The men were rearranging the ropes and the oxen were doing what they do best, lying in the muddy water keeping cool.   We drove off to see what else we would find on some of the dirt roads.