Dominica - the Caribbean Island with a wonderful difference

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 4 Feb 2009 13:08

15 17061 23 W

After a delightful time in the Grenadines, we proceeded last week to backtrack northward with stops at Rodney Bay, St Lucia for fuel, Marin, Martinique for major re-provisioning to reestablish our stores and then, after a relaxing stop at St Pierre, Martinique to enjoy the swimming for a day, we made our way across the Dominica Channel to this wonderful island of Dominica….where they boast of NOT having beaches and sun…but instead, rain, rain forests, beautiful falls, freshwater lakes, sulphur hot springs…..and a whole island that is one terrific “Botanical Garden”. Yesterday, thanks to Sea Cat…an outstanding tour guide,we had a terrific time swimming in a fresh water canyon and climbing boulders to swimming holes around the base of the Trafalgar waterfalls….great experience had by all. Today we sail to the northeast of the island to take in more of Dominica’s inland treasures…..of course….after a few morning swims in this water that is “clear as gin” in this deep anchorage.