Farewell to Panama

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 19 Mar 2010 03:45

The day has finally arrived for us to begin our Pacific adventure. We will sail to the Las Perlas group of islands tomorrow (Friday, March 19) which is a distance of only 40 nm. There is a surprise birthday party for the captain of one of the group of boats who have been with us for some time. They are South Africans- husband, wife and 3 small children – on a catamaran. A number of us are going to join in for the surprise at the anchorage tomorrow evening.


Last of extensive provisioning is behind us and we started putting Sea Mist back in “ocean form” this evening (for example, taking down our huge awning and reinstalling sheets and other running rigging. It seems so long since we were on the high seas that it will be once again a new learning/adapting process.


All is well with the Sea Mist crew and we are very much looking forward to the South Pacific experience that lies before us.


We will update as we progress.


Cheers to all; please drop us a simple email now and then we love to hear from you! 


JUST PLEASES DON”T SEND ANY ATTACHMENTS/PHOTOS or the like…we depend on Satellite Phone for email connection at sea and any large file collapses our whole system and costs a small fortune to recover from the mess.