Greetings from West Bay - Middle Percy Island

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 13 May 2012 08:11

21 39.167 S 150 14.586 E


We have not had internet for a few days so this will be a brief blog update over our sat phone connection.


We are anchored at our forth stop since leaving Bundaberg > Lady Musgrave > Great Keppel Island > Pearl Bay > Middle Percy. Total distance sailed so far is 270 nm.


This is by far the most pleasant anchorage: an idyllic white powder sand beach, an A Frame "Yacht Club" shack at the top of the beach where cruising sailors have left memorabilia for some 30 years of passing this way; forest walks for several kms all the way to the highest point on the island where a woman from England is restoring "The Homestead" wherein her 2nd cousin lived and developed the island some years back before a number of complex negative events transpired and the island fell into the hands of what is believed to be drug dealers who let the buildings, the gardens, the livestock all fall to pieces. In our conversations with her this afternoon, around a table on the verandah of this traditional Queensland home, it became clear that Kate will prevail in reestablishing the island to its earlier glory. The history of the island should be accessible at


We had planned to sail onward to McKay tomorrow but after today's interesting experiences....and after David and Marian of Kilkea and John wore themselves out during a 4 hour tramp up and back down the mountain...and the pleasant conditions in the anchorage.....we all decided to remain anchored here for another day to enjoy the beach and surrounds.....and RECOVER from today's tramp!


Water temp remains the same at about 25 - 26 C (77 F) but, with the white sand beach, it should be pleasant for a swim tomorrow off the beach....just not during the meal time of sharks (early morning/late afternoon). It is hard for us to get used to the idea of needing to be very cautious of the water with its crocodiles and sharks. At least the island's snakes are not dangerous. We did see kangaroos, wallabees, wild (feral) goats on our tramp as well as a large number of domesticated goats and chickens.


We have lucked out here on sea state in the anchorage; really very little swell as the winds in this area are low and the seas are near calm resulting in only a minor roll on-board. The last 2 anchorages were very rolly making it quite unpleasant and driving us to get going as soon as we had an over-night rest stop. This is the first anchorage where we have had conditions to lower the dinghy and venture ashore.


That's it for now; will report more once we get to McKay and again have access to internet.


DTG to McKay: 68 nm