Photos - Singapore - Part 3

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 4 Dec 2012 15:13



China Town


We explored a few of the streets in China town, we need to go back, it is so warm that you spend a lot of time in small stalls that have air conditioning!



The Arrival.


The architecture was really old colonial looking


Now we feel like we are in China town.


You are walking along a street with old buildings squeezed in so tight, yet up ahead is modern Singapore.



Here are some of the delicacies they serve...also pig’s feet and chicken’s feet.



After our meal of chicken breast, we went to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.








There is simplicity within these walls and then some very ornate displays.




Now according to my little info map, the buildings along this street had small rooms and were rented out to the elderly to await their death.  They did this so as not to put a burden on the family.  Today they are shops, shops and more shops.



This was one of the subway stations we used to get back to our boat; I guess telephone booths are now art!

We are returning to Singapore as we only had a few days to be tourists before John went into the hospital for his hip replacement.