Away at last to the Caribbean - Destination St Thomas, USVI

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 3 Nov 2009 21:13
37 32 N 76 08 W

Started out this morning from St George's Creek (off the Potomac) and after
going to the closest marina/fuel dock at 8 am to fill up with fuel and water
and do final prep of Sea Mist for the passage, we got away from that fuel
dock about 11:30 am and began our 1500 nm passage. Expect to take
approximately 9-10 days to get there on this non-stop route.

We are presently about 40 nm north of Norfolk; should be off Cape Hatteras
and approaching the northern boundary of the Gulf Stream about this time
tomorrow (Wed at 4 pm) ....and we will need to cross the Stream at close to
right angles ....which will be 70 - 75 nm of distance in a South Easterly
direction before then turning direct to St Thomas ....or at least as direct
as the winds, and expected winds, will permit.

Our terrifically good luck with Maryland weather continued for all the weeks
we were here except for 5 miserable rainy days in Annapolis back in
mid-Oct.....Gorgeous day here today....sun tanning weather....great for the
start.....except ....NO WIND!!.....using up fuel.....not good but known to
be the necessity for this stage of the passage. Expecting heavier winds
(30 kts)over next 48 hours than we would have had if we had left as intended
on Monday morning.....but at least the wind direction(NNE to NE) and seas
will be on our starboard beam or behind us.

Everyone (3 if us - Vincent, Cheryl and John) are fine as we start
out.....we are hoping that we will be able to manage everything so that all
goes well....this passage is just a bit over half the distance of crossing
the Atlantic....but with far less consistent winds and seas....making it a
challenge for average speed made good and for fuel management. We have
sufficient fuel for approximately half the distance....but we would
certainly prefer not to use it!!

Our Watch Schedule has us doing the following:

8 - 11 pm Vince

11 - 2 am John

2 - 5 am Vince

5 - 8 am John

8 - noon Cheryl

Noon - 2 Vince

2 - 6 pm Cheryl

6 - 8 pm John

That means we each are on-watch 8 hours per 24 hour period with 16 hours
off-watch for resting and whatever.

That's all for now. Will update progress enrout.

Distanced to go at 1600 (4 pm on Nov 3rd) : 1308 nm (quite a bit less than
the 1500 we are estimating as we need to go off course quite a bit to manage
expected winds/wind angles)

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