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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 27 May 2010 17:52

The Marquesas


Fatu Hiva


Friday, May 7, 2009


We finally arrived at 11:30pm - land ho, we think…it was too dark to

see land!  I think you should saveur your first look at land in the morning light with a hot cup of coffee and camera.  My first view of Fatu Hiva after seventeen days at sea was certainly worth it – we are here, in French Polynesia.        I think now is the time for me to yell      Land Ho! 


Here are my first shots of Fatu Hiva. 


We are anchored in Hanavave or “Bay of Virgins”, it was originally called “Penis Bay” because of the shape of the lava turrets.

The priests renamed it “Baie des Vierges,” or “The Bay of Virgins”, one can only speculate how that name came about.  The green velvet cliffs run right into the water, you wonder how they found enough land to build a hut let alone a village, but I am sure once we get onto land we will have a very different perspective.








And this is what we left behind!!!!


We have a few household chores to do, then off to land and to meet with the Gendarme to let him know Sea Mist has arrived and would like to stay for two to three days.


ape'e or au revoir