Update...all progressing well post-op

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 9 Nov 2012 07:01

Went for x-ray and then met with my orthopaedic surgeon this morning; he was very pleased with my progress and told me that I could now put full weight on the leg and ditch the crutches…..YIPPEEE!!  He told me that I had done well by deciding (without his input) to work out this week, progressively, on the stationary bike here at the gym in this condominium complex. It prepared my leg well post op….but of course my left buttock is complaining as that is where the incision was needed to access the hip joint. They removed the wound closures this morning and he gave me the green light to start using swimming pools.


When I left the hospital, I decided to make my way to Sea Mist to see how everything would go getting on-board, moving around etc…..and that went well. I called Cheryl from there to tell her where I was and that all was good.


Made it back to the apartment about 2 pm after using 3 buses for the transport from the Marina to the apartment; I seemed to need the crutches a lot from the hospital to the marina….but as I was leaving Sea Mist, I thought….this seems like “a crutch” …pun intended!....and so went back and left the crutches on Sea Mist. A marina golf cart buggy transported me from Sea Mist to the area where I caught the Marina Shuttle into Singapore….and then caught one bus….then another ….and made it back to the apartment…..with only a bit of complaint from an aching buttock.


We will likely move back on-board either tomorrow night or Sunday. …..we’ll play that by ear.  We want to take Ben out for dinner tomorrow night to in some small express our deep appreciation for taking us into his home at this important time.


That’s all for now….more to come in a few days regarding the timing of our sailing onward to Malaysia.  We may catch up to the Sail Malaysia Rally enroute as they won’t be moving that quickly…we’ll see??


Ciao/the Seamisters