Photos - Thailand: Chiang Mai - Tigers Part 2

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 14 Dec 2013 03:39

Play time at the pool, just like kids, the tigers love to play in the water.

Getting to know each other, ‘you smell good, what is your name?’  Okay they can’t talk but one can imagine what they are saying.

So what’s going on, what are you doing, can I play?  No.


Fine I’ll just lie here and have my photo taken…meanies.


This is my best side!


Now it is time for some rough housing,  a little push and shove and then…

Time out for a drink!

A little more pushing and batting.


They were cuffing each other until…



Are you back again?



Look at that face, when he says no, he means no!

Off he went again or so I thought…

He came roaring back, I guess he really wanted to play in the pool, the other two turned as though to say ‘what the heck’?


Oh, you just didn’t just give me a cuff, bring it on.



Bam, whack, bam, whack…




The one that wasn’t fighting started to leave.  ‘Geez those two are crazy and they nearly drowned me’!