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Date: 18 Oct 2011 07:18:42
Title: Photos Backlog Part 9 - Island of Tanna > Mt Yasur Volcano

Mt. Yasur

We took a very bumpy ride up to Mt. Yasur, an active volcano to see the show.  We arrived around 4pm so we could get some daylight shots and the sun setting over the volcano.  We all agreed that that watching a live volcano was awesome!!!          















   To get these shots we stood on the edge and forgot how close we were until some of the lava shot rocks just below us.                             
















We were really lucky no rain and clear skies so we got the full effect of the volcano.  These five shots were taken consecutively.









This is what it looks like around the volcano.  See the rocks that is what it spews out and that is what we watched coming very close to us.




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