Yum, yum - again!

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 27 Sep 2018 13:30

Casco Castle
The second notable landmark when approaching the narrow entrance of the Harraseeket River; built in 1903,  it was part of a grand summer resort. Only the tower remains. 
After 2 days of cold and wet, today is glorious, sunny and warm. We’ve been led to believe that this is fairly typical of the climate. Hunker down for a couple of days, then the next couple of days of perfect sailing weather. We shall see!
Perfect weather for eating al fresco. Our first visit to a Lobster Pound, typical harbour-side restaurant where you eat lobster, corn and “steamers”  (clams) at picnic tables or, as here, at a high bar overlooking the harbour. They usually put your entire order into one string bag for the cooking process. BYOB, in this case a couple of cans of beer.
Apologies for the food photo - rather Instagram, I’m afraid”