Bambi x two

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 11 Aug 2018 22:44
Woke to torrential rain in the night which was splashing hard on the deck and making its way through our hatch, despite the awning covering it. Just got back to sleep, when rudely awoken by a very piercing government alert on phone warning of flash floods. Didn’t even know there were such notifications. 
Heavy rain in the morning didn’t encourage us to leave so we hunkered down til midday when it seemed to clear.
 Decided exercise was the order of the day, so set off to Mt Sinai harbour, 3 miles by boat but 8 miles on foot! No one seems to walk anywhere in the US so there are no sidewalks or trails. Drivers were either very respectful or totally amazed and gave us a wide berth. The debris from the flash floods was very much in evidence!
The highlight of the walk though was the deer family which crossed the road in front of us en route. 
The destination was pretty but we were glad we hadn’t sailed there as mooring fees were double the price of here. 
Back to Port Jeff thanks to Uber.
Encountered numerous people glued to their phones attached to battery packs. I asked one nice young chap what was occurring, he assumed I had far more understanding than I did and showed me his phone and talked about Eevees. Still none the wiser, F asked somebody else...ah, that light bulb moment- a special Pokémon Go event had taken over the town. 
Arrived back at the Yacht Club ready to collapse in a heap, when we were asked if we could kindly move onto a different buoy to make way for a longer boat. The beer had to wait. 
We certainly had the best of the weather, the rain seems to be set for the night but a very pleasant 25 degrees down below. F cooking curry to keep warm!