Pidgeon Beach. A moving breakfast.

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sun 19 Nov 2017 06:00
19th Nov 17

Breakfast is usually a mixture of whatever cereal was last available in the shops; bran flakes, muesli, granola.... We had been curious, over the last few days, about the way the muesli, in the mix, was clinging to the inside of the Tupperware boxes, in strands. I, naturally, suggested that it was probably static electricity clumping it together. That, however, didn't explain the moth that flew out this morning or the caterpillar crawling up the inside of the transparent box. Those crunchy, nutty things were chrysalis. Yum Yum. Breakfast at Skullduggery Cafe was much better and the fish seemed to enjoy our expensive fortified cereal.