Dry, Drier, Driest

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 22 Aug 2018 14:25
Vinyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard 41:27.4N 070:35.6W

Now Massachusetts is renowned for being a “dryish” State (alcohol wise) and Cuttyhunk was arid, but surely not Martha’s Vineyard.
Arriving late, the harbour was full, so we anchored just outside the breakwater and hurried ashore for a beer and something to eat. No bars, lots of restaurants.....all dry. For the desperate “Brown Bagging” is OK, so off to the supermarket for a bottle of red. “Sorry sir we don’t sell liquor but you can go to the town liquor store”; just turn left and keep going, you can’t miss it”. We ran out of town and finally asked someone. “You are on the right road but you’ll need a car or take a bus it’s along way out of town. They would really rather you don’t drink here.
Disheartened, we headed back to town when we spotted “The Black Dog Tavern” down by the waterfront. Peering in through the window, past the pricey menu, was a bar with stools and a large restaurant area and a covered patio. Brilliant!
“Can we sit at the bar and have a drink?” Sorry sir that not a real bar it’s just for show. You can order food and have a drink though.” “Great, table for two please” “Ah.. sorry there is a half hour wait for a table” OK no problem we’ll sit in the patio area and have a drink while we wait”. “Sorry sir we can only serve liquor with a meal at the table.” “OK put our names on the list, enrol us with AA, and we’ll be back in half an hour.
Lovely meal, fine beer and a glass of decent white; eventually....