Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 29 Sep 2016 05:54
22:20.1N 21:39.9W

We crossed the Tropic of Cancer, at about 9pm last night, and now feel like proper tropical sailors. There was some cheap rum in the cabinet, which we bought to humanely dispatch all the fish we intend to catch. So we toasted crossing the line in true Naval fashion with a tot.

Tried out one of my new squid lures. I'm sure they don't fool the fish, and the only thing they really catch is the fisherman, in the shop. No sooner had I set-up the line and gone down below, the reel was screaming. Fighting something really heavy and trying not to get anything caught up in the wind generator was a struggle. It was green (Anne said blue), a Mahi Mahi I declared, they're delicious. It's definitely blue said Anne, well ok perhaps a sort of greenish blue, I conceded. As we struggled to get it closer the cunning Mahi Mahi had somehow managed to swap itself for a large, bright blue, industrial plastic sack. A start I suppose......

One of the benefits of the lectures, which we attended, is that we have slotted into a much better system of 5 hour night watches. 21:00-02:00 and 02:00 to 07:00, this gives us both a good 5 hours of rest at night which we then top up with another 2 hour sleep during the day. That seems to leave us feeling, if not refreshed, then at least not exhausted; the way our old 2hr-on 2hr-off routine did.