Summer’s over

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Tue 25 Sep 2018 22:55
Harraseeket River, South Freeport 43:49.18N 070:06.26W
On Sunday, discovered Dolphin Marina is due to close on 1st Oct. and only have 200 gallons of fuel left. Decided not a good idea to fill up with the dregs! 
Yesterday, set off to visit Eagle Island, a state park and the site of the retirement home of the polar explorer Admiral Robert Peary.  
Eagle Island 
Looked forward to the walking trails and the exercise. Beautiful crisp, (read cold) sunny morning, views would have been spectacular but all mooring buoys removed and in a pile at the end of the jetty. Confirmation indeed that the season is over. 
Plan B. The Harraseekit River which gets 5 stars in the cruising guide! Followed the instructions very carefully as entrance is very narrow. 
Pound of Tea Island is one of the landmarks at the entrance to the river. 
A single house and a few trees. A pound of tea was the original purchase price from the Indians!
No anchoring in the river. One large boat yard and marina with numerous buoys- all taken with boats  waiting to be hauled out. The Harraseeket Yacht Club has one guest mooring which we found, by chance, and were given permission to use. Phew! Knew weather was going to be dire so wanted to be tucked up. Had heating on for first time last night and pouring with rain as I write!
This morning, nothing for it but a return trip to LL Bean, the outdoor store to buy thermal jimjams! 
Met Nat and two others on the dinghy pontoon. He and his wife had sailed round the world and were very appreciative of the kindness shown to them, so he offered to take us there. How kind of him! 
We are now reassessing the date of our haul out!