Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sun 9 Sep 2018 19:00
A cold grey day. Northerly winds with little sun. Went separate ways this morning. In The New England Aquarium, reacquainted ourselves with many of the reef fish, turtles and sharks seen on our travels.
S & M chose a hop-on, hop-off bus tour taking in most of the city with a photo opportunity at the Cheers bar.
Lunch was at Quincy market, famous for its great variety of food stalls.
The challenge of the day was yet to come. Decided to hire bikes, better for bionic knees than walking. Lots of Blue Bike stations. First one, all bikes gone! Walked to next one. Only 2 bikes allowed per card. Credit cards rejected. App installed twice over and credit cards registered twice over, lots of “Oops something has gone wrong “.... 45 mins later - result ! finally had 4 bikes. Every stage was in the “too hard” box.

JPEG image

3 hours cycle ride along both sides of The Charles River past Harvard, MIT, Science Museum. A great way to view the city. One hitch - only allowed bikes for 2 hours at a time. Had to find bike station, lock them in and rehire.
Ah, now have the App! Such pros now- only took 10 mins. The horrors and delights of technology!
Still tracking Hurricane Florence which looks likely to make landfall in the Carolinas.