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Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sun 26 Feb 2017 09:09
13:49N 054:31W @ 08:00 GMT
Wind ENE F5-F6, only 1 serious squall, seas ~2m. Forecast: More of the same for next 24/48 hrs with slightly lower seas ~1.5m
Just taken in reef 3 in the main (last one) as we were topping 8 knots in the gusts and surfing. Great in daytime, but not if someone is trying to sleep. Still doing a constant 6/7 knots though.

We must nearly be there, as I can see the bottom of the fridge. Almost used all the eggs but haven't yet needed to resort to the powdered milk or the tinned butter (bet you can't find that in Tescrosebury's)

Tropical rain is something else. It rained so heavily yesterday, during a squall, that it appeared to flatten the waves. I got soaked, changed, went to adjust some lines on deck and took a wave, right in the face and changed again. At least it's only a T-shirt .

It's certainly getting warmer and during the day it's 30c down below. Because of the waves, we can't really have many hatches open (see 3mm gap, old post) so it could be miserable. However, the new 12v fans which we installed are utterly brilliant (and so they should be at the price). We tried everything else, last year in Cape Verde. From cheap waggling fans to box fans, fans with spinning louvres, big fans and small fans. They made little difference, just a lot of noise, vibration, and rusted. They also needed cables dangling everywhere as they were all 240v and needed to be plugged in and so drained our batteries overnight. So, I finally admitted defeat and stumped up for a couple of the fans A. had read about in a blog, a book, TV and a play (no, that's Charades). They are tiny, permanently installed and draw hardly any current from the 12v supply.
Wonder if they have eBay or Gumtree in the Caribbean?