Man eating flies

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Tue 4 Sep 2018 00:49
Hull Bay  42:17.9N 070:53.5W
Had our fair share of pests on board: a rat, never to be forgotten, cockroaches, thankfully reasonably short lived, although we’re still very vigilant, crunchy maggots in packets of cereal and recently pesky flies.
Took 7 hours from Plymouth to Hull Bay today, some  motoring and some sailing, wind very light and variable, had to watch out for numerous lobster pots which would ruin our day out, if one got caught around the rudder or propellor. It will only get worse in Maine. 
Plagued by pesky flies, look like fruit flies but attack our legs in particular and bite/ sting - very irritating. Where do they come from out at sea? It’s not the first time we’ve been under siege. 
Fly swats very much in use and by the evening numerous bodies had disappeared down the slats in the seats, down the holes in the duckboards  or simply overboard. The cockpit looks like fly cemetery.
A very warm day and evening again. Back to eating in the cockpit. Several times have had to eat down below, but back to warm south westerly winds and it’s beautifully cosy again. It’s called Sod’s Law- dug our light duvet out and put it in the cover yesterday. Will be too hot tonight!
A wonderful sunset too.