We walked and we walked.....

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Tue 11 Sep 2018 19:00
Gloucester 42:36.6N 070:39.3W
Yesterday was a non-starter. A small craft advisory was in force for Boston Harbor, hardly surprising looking at the waves. Couldn’t get ashore, too risky and far too wet - so near, yet so far -  so had to make our own entertainment. 
Today, several degrees warmer but drizzle and mist rapidly became fog when leaving the harbour. Radar on, nav lights on, no wind so 4 hours motoring. 
Arrived in Gloucester, America’s oldest seaport, the 2nd permanent settlement after Plymouth. Sun greeted us, hooray! A delightful mix of properties, old and new,
A long, long walk ashore, along Stacy Boulevard, the promenade, taking in the iconic 5 foot granite statue of The Man at the Wheel, looking out over Gloucester Harbor. The Fisherman’s Memorial around it lists all those lost at sea between 1716-2001
Next up the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial, “honouring the patience and fortitude of families anxiously awaiting their loved ones’ safe return.”

Then along to the end of the peninsula, to Stage Fort Park, site of landing of first settlers in 1623. Delightful scenery and wonderful landscaping on the way. 
The ferryman on the complimentary harbour launch had recommended the local Lobster Pound. Were beginning to salivate at the thought, arrived to find closed on Tuesdays! What a disappointment! Very long walk back to pick up point for launch, all thoroughly disheartened and hungry by then. Grumpy?