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Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 2 Nov 2016 19:39
26:51.1N 22:22.1W
We are now about 600 miles directly north of the Cape Verdes and 250 miles WSW from the Canaries. Untypically, there is a weather system passing north of the Canaries which will bring rare Westerly, becoming South Westerly, winds here for a few days and we don't want to miss the chance of getting some wind behind us rather than on the nose. We now have to make the difficult choice between going North of the Canaries or South. North is a longer route but has, according to the last few days' forecasts, a better guarantee of wind. South would mean being in the Marina, in Lanzarote, a day earlier but if the wind fails to materialise we will have to motor, which is slower, noisy and uses diesel.
So, using the best forecasting technology available, HEADS or TAILS? HEADS it is, so we are going North.