Cape Verde beach life

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Tue 18 Oct 2016 21:51
16:45.1N 24:45.3W

Not a soul on the island today, except us, the fishermen must have left in the night.

Should have known better really, in all my years of sailing I've always been very careful about beaching a dinghy in the surf. So, why did I choose today to take a chance on a gap between the rollers. It was all going so well until a bigger than normal wave started to break over the dinghy transom. Just as well we were rowing and didn't have the outboard on. A dinghy full of water is a surprisingly heavy lump to drag up the beach, so another couple of waves had a bit of a laugh at our expense while we struggled to empty it.

Seven miles long with a three mile white sand beach (beaches here are usually black with volcanic sand) and a few rugged peaks, it is quite stunning. However, due to lack of fresh water, the single tiny village has long since been abandoned and what remains doesn't even give shelter to the visiting fishermen who just seem to use it to store fishing gear.

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