Well I never......

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 23 Aug 2018 13:44
Heard the busses are good here so hopped on one yesterday and got off at the next town, Oak Bluffs, 5 miles away. The only town on the island developed with tourism in mind. Described by some as honky tonk, somewhat harsh perhaps, certainly busy and touristy but bingo!!!!!

image1.jpegFrom one extreme to the other. We certainly couldn’t have walked here. 

Wandered through the town, a little tacky perhaps and hopped on the bus again to Edgartown, which is the exact opposite-a lovely, elegant, historic town. All very tasteful here. 
A local recommended a taco shack, provided a perfect stop for lunch- beers and cocktails all available here. 
Then the Chappy Ferry across to Chappaquiddick of Teddy Kennedy fame.

 We had a wander through some trails close by and heard before we saw the nesting ospreys.