Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 11 Sep 2021 11:35
 Awake very early. 4 hour time difference still enough to hammer us. Collected the hire car, not exactly a runaround. Hoped for something similar to our own, but no, The Beast, a six seater Ford Explorer.
For F the car of his dreams, every gadget imaginable, lane guidance capability- scary, size -scary. A. seems unable to park it straight.
Lunch at a farm shop run by Amish, we weren’t expecting that, but it would seem they’ve moved further east to cheaper areas, away from Ontario.
4 hours later arrive at the motel. How the mighty have fallen. From boutique hotel to this. Never experienced the wardrobe/kitchen combo before.

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Arrived in the motel in time to watch history being made at The US Open.
Attempted to eat out twice but everywhere very busy and/or short staffed. A ready meal cooked in the microwave had to suffice. Now well acquainted with Healthy Bowls.