Clocks go back tonight.

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 25 Feb 2017 08:15
14:17N 052:15W @07:00GMT
WIND E F4/5 6 in gusts. Forecast: winds remain E but strengthen slightly to F5/F6
Barrelling along with poled out Genoa (rolled to reef 1) to Port and Main (reef 2) to Stbd. Cautious nighttime rig😴

Shower uneventful, all eleven toes still intact.

Watches (not the ships clock) go back another hour today which will bring us into line with the local time at our destination. That's the fourth such change, this trip. We are only travelling at a brisk walking pace, but it never ceases to amaze how much we notice the later sunset and earlier sunrise as the week passes before we reset it again on a Saturday.

Radar alarm just went off (A. groaned but don't think was awakened). Looks like a squall about 2miles off to port and not one of the huge ODAS buoys (about 7 of them in this area). They are enormous and best avoided. They should be lit, but aren't always, and are reputed to move occasionally, either intentionally or because of storms. It's still 4000m here, so that's a serious amount of chain to lay out. Although, I suppose, tiny in comparison to an undersea transatlantic communications cable.