Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 8 Aug 2018 23:13
Yesterday was a day of jobs- a visit to the laundromat plus a biggish shop at the grocery store- Stop and Shop! This entailed a trip by water taxi with our 12lbs of laundry which we then had to transport half a mile on a trolley to the laundromat. Thank goodness for IKEA bags, they are so robust!
It was all so efficient that we just had to go back again today with towels and bedding. So all clean again. 
We made the most of our visit across the bay  to enjoy The Bay Walk Path Nautical Museum, a short walkway along the coast planted on both sides and interspersed with a number of art works. 
There are several marinas here in Manhasset Bay and the area has a number of historic yacht clubs, depicted in this glass work. 
Jerry Shore was the CEO of a multinational manufacturing company and since retirement has devoted all his time to sculpture in wood and steel.  “Snowbirds” was inspired by the many birds migrating south for the winter. 
F, could you put your lathe to some use?

Refuelled, filled up with water- not sure how sanitary that was as the hose is directly next to the pump out!  We were warned as we’d almost finished filling up that it was notoriously dirty!! Hope the filter is working well. 
We had made use of the pump out boat this morning, so all set to go. Planning on leaving early to catch the east going tide.