Hunkered down

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Tue 17 Sep 2019 15:46
45:0.33N 62:6.2W Liscombe Lodge
A gentle sail for 5 miles to the entrance of Liscomb Harbour, then under engine for another 5 through the harbour and up the Liscomb River, carefully following the well marked buoys up to Liscombe Lodge. Spotted a bald eagle just as we came into the river proper, but photo only shows a white spot at the top of a stripped tree trunk! Might have had to walk the plank if Skipper had spotted me taking pics when on the helm supposedly keeping a beady eye on the depth!
Had phoned ahead to ask if space on their dock, really eliciting whether the dock still existed.Their website already informed us that all the trails were closed after the storm as was the swimming pool. Berthing fees included use of facilities. Glad to hear two boats already there, so had to anchor, at no cost, ( except for beers in the bar)

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A very pretty anchorage but still feeling the strong winds. Hunkered down at the mo enjoying their Wi-fi and joining the 4 million plus, following the Supreme Court’s proceedings on prorogation
The Lodge is leased to the operator and “has been starved of capital investment” which shows. It is all very dated. It is in the back of beyond and the only walking will be on the main road. Not sure if there’s anywhere to go on Shank’s pony!
The trees are already changing colour, but the salt in the air from the storm has resulted in leaves being burnt- apparently maples, in particular, have been affected. Invest in Maple Syrup futures?