Thank goodness for HBO

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sun 12 Feb 2017 09:18
No, we don't run to a super-yacht style, gyro stabilised, TV satellite dish. These are the Hard Boiled Oeufs.
An unexpected treat is the Bard Boiled Egg. We have been boiling six at a time and keeping them in the fridge. When it's dark and lonely, on one of the two night watches, and you fancy a snack, they are far more sustaining than a biscuit. They have also provided a bit of entertainment. In our efforts to conserve gas we cook a lot of things partially then leave them to sit in the hot water with the gas off for a bit. Rice works particularly well this way, as do root veg. like potatoes, but pasta less so. So a bit of a competition has evolved. A's eggs are always easy to peel whereas mine, never peel well. She won't tell me the secret!! Perhaps the isolation is getting to us.......

Caught a lovely Mahi Mahi last night after trawling fruitlessly for two days. We normally take the line in at dusk as neither of us want to struggle with a fish, alone, in the dark, out at the back on the sugar scoop. However, consulting my fishing at sea book yesterday, it said that they feed near the surface at dusk and dawn. So we left the line in, an hour longer and a delightful supper of pan fried Mahi Mahi resulted. We even have four stakes left. We didn't try the starter of sashimi or ceviche which is apparently delicious. Next time.

Dr. Bombard (medical doctor and inventor of the Bombard inflatable) eat them raw all the time. He even crossed the Atlantic in a very small boat, with no supplies of food or fresh water, to prove his theory that you could survive by drinking small amounts of seawater and eating raw fish. A bit extreme perhaps but then all sailors are a bit bonkers.

Wind and seas have moderated considerably and it is much more comfortable. The Don Street downwind set-up worked very well, once we sorted out the profusion of additional lines. We are in occasional contact with a French boat, who left two days earlier, are about three hundred miles ahead and give us the odd weather report.