OCC connections

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 25 Sep 2019 14:16
Still in the marina, enjoying the facilities, now listening to the pouring rain. Had a sociable couple of days, but no photos.
Commodore of the OCC and his wife drove past on Monday, had long lunch together exchanging tales and discussing cruising plans. Good fun and hope we’ll meet up again. They’ve whetted our appetite for Newfoundland!
Tuesday was spent booking winter storage and everything that that entails. First step was to clear it with Border Services - in principal all fine but there will be forms to fill in once we’ve hauled out. Then arranged dates with Northern Yacht Club in North Sydney, around a very important invent. Going to see The Chieftains and Friends, headlining the Celtic Colours Festival, on 11th Oct. (yes, they are still going strong!) Then our flight, Airbnb for when the boat is out of the water, not to mention the hire car for the duration. After listening to The Supreme Court ruling, all that took the rest of the day. Technology is meant to make life easier - not so sure!
Had a visit from Rich, an OCC member who spotted our burgee. He’s on one of the mooring buoys abc is going to haul out here, next week. Agreed to meet up later at MacBouch for the open mic night. Again a chance to exchange yarns and to pick brains over a couple of beers. He spends 6 months sailing and 6 months at home in Colorado, skiing whenever conditions are perfect (40 days last winter!)
First topic of conversation when meeting new people is invariably about surviving the hurricane. Do feel a bit of a fraud that we were at home but very relieved that we didn’t have to endure some of the conditions described. The daughter of the marina owner (also the very popular OCC Port Officer) got married in the basement on the day Dorian hit!
Have been enjoying the facilities here and the people and given the weather today, do not feel inclined to leave.
Flights booked for 30th, arriving on Halloween. Was that foolish?