A night to remember

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sun 19 Aug 2018 20:02
Drinks with our neighbours were cut short by ominous black clouds appearing and then soon after thunder and lightning. Made it back to the boat but not in time to fold the bimini back. Our plan had been to allow the torrential rain to wash the cockpit and particularly the duckboards but it was wasn’t to be.
Another of F’s culinary delights, this time a delicious blue fish kedgeree, with enough for lunch today. Blue fish is allegedly an acquired taste as it’s too fishy and oily for some.
Our night’s sleep was disturbed soon after midnight by the arrival of near gale, force 7 winds, which meant a lot of movement in the anchorage, some quite unplanned.
We had to dig out fleeces and make cups of tea to keep warm while we were watching boats trying to re anchor after dragging, all the time checking that ours was holding well.
It was pretty much a sleepless night but the spectator sport has continued in daylight with boats coming and going, some a little too close for comfort. The problem with this anchorage is the long sea grass, clumps of which are attached to the anchors when they are lifted. Difficult then to re anchor without removing it.
Almost long trousers weather! It already is for some.