How did that happen?

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 8 Sep 2018 02:37
Another busy day. Laundry completed very easily here at the marina. Provisioning done very locally with free delivery - us and the shopping back to marina. Easy!
A quick lunch was followed by a 5 hour expedition across Boston and back, firstly to buy a highly essential item, for me, anyway - nespresso pods. Anyone who has a machine will know to go to a Nespresso Boutique or order online for next day delivery. Sadly they won’t deliver to a marina, so needs must.....stocks were very low and no Boutiques north of here. 
It required a trip on the metro, Green Line, a change, then the Blue line. Fortunately for us, there is someone to help the bewildered at each station otherwise we would have failed miserably. 
Not for the first time this trip, a young lady, calling me ma’am, gave up her seat for me. How has that suddenly happened? When did I suddenly become elderly ? She was right, though, back playing up, knees stiff, I did need that seat. 
Loved the contrasting styles of buildings, very modern v quasi old. 
Coffee was the easy bit, then went in search of wireless hotspot box. Have had no end of problems with WiFi; bought a 4G data-only sim in Plymouth only to discover our box won’t log onto the US networks. Tried to buy one over the counter and walked miles but stores all sported rows of empty shelves. Looked like they were all going out of business. We finally discovered that this was both Labour Day Sales Week and back to school/college/university week and like a plague of locusts, they had stripped the shelves bare. 

Continued the trek, past The Christian Science Church, The Mother Church that sits on Boston's Back Bay which was originally built in 1894. The church was a rather dull grey and dull in design, however, a wonderful domed addition in 1906 immediately made the church noticeable. This second building, added because of the movement's rapid growth, is Renaissance with a Byzantine influence. It increased seating from 1,000 to 3,000. Certainly impressive. 

Still on the trail of a WiFi box, passed The 7 acre Fenway Victory Gardens, one of six Boston parklands, a haven for birds in the city; they were so noisy. There were numerous well tended allotments too. 

Finally made it back to the boat in the dark.