Tick, tick, tick. Could do better/ must try harder

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 2 Oct 2021 11:12
Yet another invitation to supper on Thursday evening, it’s almost embarrassing. We are being really spoilt. Our hosts had invited their son and partner, plus her parents and us from No 11 as we are known. Wonderful steaks on the bbq. Such great hospitality.
Fog lifted early but no sign of hoist again. Friday not a holiday so not sure what’s going on.
Decided to carry on with jobs down below. Cleared our cabin for wiping down with vinegar and found the wasp which we’d seen disappear behind the mountain of stuff. Didn’t want it stripping our wood.
Main storage under our bunk is home to Brompton bikes and 4 bike bags, amongst many other things! Up in cockpit, sunny warm day allowed for extensive scrubbing and spraying of said bags which had succumbed to serious mould. The bikes will have to wait.
Meanwhile F busy dismantling and cleaning wind pilot mechanism on the helm. Another job ticked off.

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A long day, but enjoyed a beer in the evening sun before heading off to do daily shop. Have been so very lucky with the weather. Looking back on blog from 2 years ago, it was cold, making boat maintenance pretty miserable.