Memorable first sail in Maine

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 21 Sep 2018 23:12
Potts Harbor 43:44.6N 070:01.5W
Back down the Saco River, unsure of what we might encounter as it was already blowing hard in our secluded anchorage. Picked up a buoy at the entrance, to prepare lunch to eat underway, reef and put up main (much easier when at anchor or on a buoy)
Full oilskins and sailing boots have had their first outing for a couple of years - that’s the crew! Skipper much more hardy! Still in shorts!! Sounds familiar? But he does disappear down below a lot where it is nice and warm!
Wind seemed to moderate so one reef only.
Moderate - my foot! 20-30knots, close hauled with the staysail. Despite heeling considerably, it was a cracking sail, as the sea state was pretty good with no swell. Our first proper sail in Maine.
Dodging the many lobster pots once more, Skipper devised a cunning plan. We would motor the last stretch in the shipping lane, which would be clear of pots. Normally, in busy areas, we would be just outside it. No chance, pots everywhere. Photos don’t capture them - I have tried. Imagine trying to sail through a giant cribbage board filled with pegs and you’ll get the idea.
Breathed yet another sigh of relief, having arrived at our destination 6 hours later, without picking one up. So stressful! Only one other boat at anchor next to us.

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Been lead to believe we are close to a very good restaurant, just where the sun is setting- hope the budget stretches to that tomorrow.